About me

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I’m Tash, a declutterer and personal organiser.

During our sessions, I’ll get personal. I’ll ask you about your denim collection, get up close and personal with your sock drawer, and we’ll figure out how to decide what needs to go and what can stay. I can help you change your relationship with ‘stuff’ and give ideas on how to live with less. I provide practical advice on how to say goodbye to things.

The simpler life is, the easier it is to be content.

I aim to donate, recycle or sell your unwanted things and pledge to use landfill only as a last resort. During our decluttering sessions, I can offer simple hacks to be greener at home.

I’ve been helping people declutter since 2016. I’m passionate about what I do and I love to find new homes for old things. Previously a project manager, I now split my time between south west London and a family farm in Wiltshire. I’m interested in climate change and the plastic, waste & recycling problems we all face, so I co-founded the sustainability network And The Future, where we educate ourselves and others about what we can do to make changes in our everyday lives.